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Meet Athos! Smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals

Athos is the leader in Smart apparel and the wearable tech industry. It is simply smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals, translating them into simple, actionable advice. The Athos clothing is meant to unlock your peak performance, thus, providing athletes with getting better from time to time.

Starting with the gear, Athos has a range of Smart garments for both men and women. The Smart clothing is meant to improve your performance, while, keeping you fit and strong at the same time. The garments contain seamlessly integrated, non-adhesive biosignal sensors. There are about 12 EMG sensors and 2 heart rate sensors embedded in the shirts to keep track of muscle activities and heart rate. Similarly, the shorts also have a pair of 8 EMG and 4 heart rate sensors.

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Meet Athos! Smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals

Athos fabric comfortably contours to your body. All the garments are highly recommended for athletes and can stay intact during the most intense workouts.

With the help of most advanced biosignal monitoring technology, the Athos tech tracks biosignals and delivers that data straight to your mobile app. The company on its official website has stated;

“Athos technology incorporates electromyography, or EMG, the gold standard for measuring muscle activity. Until now, the benefits of EMG technology have been exclusive to clinical settings and top performance institutes. Athos makes EMG accessible by seamlessly embedding it into the comfort of your workout gear.”

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Meet Athos! Smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals

Above and beyond standard fitness tracking, the apparel data points provide an unparalleled level of insight into physiology and performance. All the data collected is sent to an Athos app which provides you with real-time insights. Thee insights allow you to track progress and set benchmarks, helping you get the most out of your training.

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Athos has a different range of wearable smart clothing, with different packages ranging between $149 and $547. You can select your desirable package from here.

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