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OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

Wearables, Wearables, Wearables…. This is how our life is changing and revolutionizing. There was a time when we used to brag about Smartphones in this way. But phones nowadays are no new technology, whereas,wearables are slowly adjusting themselves into our lives.

In the midst of this hustle bustle caused by Wearable world, there are some companies which are developing more smartproducts, untiringly. One of such is OMsignal. The company has launched a complete fitness kit which guage your daily activities and helps you in getting fitter day by day. It is your own personal coach striving to help you to be fit and to lead you towards perfect workouts.

The OM kit consists of three separate equipments. These consists of a smart shirt, Smart box and a smart app. Let’s take a detailed look in these separate entities;


OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

The first in this category is the OM Smart Shirt. The shirt has been designed with such fabric and in such a way that it reads accurate data without being uncomfortable. The shirt has been made of conductive yarn and dry fabric. Both the materials keep the shirt dry and subtle even if you are sweating uncontrollably.

Moreover, the compression fit feature of the shirt activates the fast blood circulation and helps muscles to recover faster while workouts. The shirt can easily be washed like your daily clothes. You won’t have to worry about being sweaty and uncomfortable, because in that area, OM Smart shirt has all under control.


OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

The next content of the OM smart kit is the Smart Box. The box contains the advanced data and reading technology. The box is made of light yet hard and thick shell which will not get damaged during your intense workout sessions.

Also, there are five different connectors fitted into this box which ensure that your readings are accurate, no matter what. The battery life of the smart box is equal to ten workouts means ten days. It can also be equaled to one day or 24 hours of continuous use.

OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

The box can also store your data up to 30 hours. It means that you can save the data for this time being and later view it in your Smartphone app.


OMsignal; A perfect signal for healthy workouts

The third in the line of the Smart Kit by OM is the Smart App. The app has some very intense and helping features. You can view your live heart rate during workouts. Apart from that, you can also check your Resting Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery Time and more to instantly gauge your progress. Breaths per minute, push score during training sessions, calorie count, step taken during workout,and heart rate zones are all collected in the app during your workout sessions.

OM Home Kit is comprised of the above mentioned aspects. Not only will you have a guaranteed fitness but also you can view your data and health and fitness properly. You can buy the kit from company’s website for just $151.00 USD.

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