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Wiva -A Wearable Inertial System For Sports Performance Analysis

Wiva -A Wearable Inertial System For Sports Performance Analysis

Wiva is the device which has introduced professional scientific sports and performance tracking for the first time. Wiva is the first “sports tracker” that allows an assessment of the biomechanical characteristics of the sporting gesture.

The device is not just a sports tracker but it is a personal wearable device that can measure, analyze and help you improve your sports performance. By calculating the data gained from your sporting gestures, it forces you to perform right because a movement performed correctly leads to a better efficiency of the gesture.

Wiva -A Wearable Inertial System For Sports Performance Analysis

Wiva can help fine tune a sportsman, not only in reducing those extra seconds in competition but also for the efficiency of any sports activity no matter how fast they are doing. Compatible for all sports, the device is not uncomfortable at all. You can get all the scientific data mixed with sports sciences with the help of a device which is just over 3cm.

Wiva® is a small inertial sensor (35x37x15mm) that uses wireless Bluetooth connection “4 low energy”. Inside there are an IMU 9 axes sensor, an altimeter and optionally a powerful GPS. Just place your device wherever you want, you will have data of the different phases of your action and you can plan your improvements.

Wiva -A Wearable Inertial System For Sports Performance Analysis

You can get a perfect view of the results and perform an accurate analysis through Wiva’s Apps, derived from powerful Biomech software, widely used in science field scientific measurements made available by the experts of the interaction. The device will be available in specialized versions for the main sports activities. From the perfect analysis in running to skiing, tennis, swimming, cycling, the device and the apps have all covered.

The Apps and dedicated desktop application in a cloud will extend the use of the same device Wiva on multiple disciplines.

So, if you are a multiple sports player or even if you follow one game, Wiva is meant to provide you all right data on right time. You can contact the team now for more details.

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