Friday, September 18, 2020

Suunto Spartan Sport Comes To Rescue Athletes’ Facing Problems

Wearable technology has become the choice of athletes for their training and other practice related stuff. Eventually, every other wearable is coming to the terms with the overgrowing usage of this...
Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung Ahead Smart Helmet Trademarked

Samsung patented for a smart helmet called “Ahead” during the start of this year. The patented piece is basically a triangular device which will connect to the helmet with the help...

The Nixon Mission – An Android Wear for Extreme Sports

Nixon is a global watch brand founded 15 years ago in California. The brand is quite popular among athletes, celebrities, and retailers all over the world. It serves in over 70...
SURFGEM Will Enhance The Athletes Game!


SURFGEM is soon going to be a new addition in the world of intense surfing. The wearable is the future of surfing and will enhance the skill of the athletes and...

Trace -An Action Sports Tracker For Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing And So On..

Trace is a wearable tracker with multi-dimensions and multiple purposes. The tracker is meant for the surfers, snowboarders, skiing, swimmers and skaters. All in all, the tracker is meant for water and...

Samsung Brainband Strives To Detect Concussions In Various Sports

Samsung Australia has recently designed a new wearable that is a key to preventing head injuries and concussions during the sports like Rugby and the NFL championships. The band closely monitors...
Hiji Band Is A Concussion Detector For All Sportsvideo

Hiji Band Is A Concussion Detector For All Sports

As per a report, Athletes around the word bear about nearly 3.8 million concussions every year. Injuries are a part of sports and many parents are worried regarding their child facing a...

Glassy Zone improves your surfing techniques

Water and its games are always a fun to deal with. But, when it comes to fitness and health via such sports, gauging your perfection becomes quite difficult. Still, long gone...

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