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Epson Is The Sports Wearable Capable Of Transforming Golf Games, Claims Randy Bergstedt

Sports Wearables play a critical part in the collection of player’s data and analysis nowadays. Just with the help of the device, you can know about potential injuries, concussions and other significant data which can make or break your game.

The wearable devices analyze thousands of data points per second. Due to this mind-blowing technology trainer, players, and even sports geeks can take a look at their statistics. To provide some inside scoop on the world of wearables and Smart Devices, John Furrier and Dave Vellante, co-hosts of the CUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, talked with Randy Bergstedt, group product manager of smart wearables at Epson America, Inc., during the IBM InterConnect 2016 conference. Let’s take a look at the experts’ opinion regarding the wearable devices.

Bergstedt started the conversation with Epson’s latest wearable, the M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer. The wearable in discussion collects all the data on the wearer’s golf swing and impact with the ball. Bergstedt explained that the trainers and the instructors often find it difficult to convey all the statistics, data and details to their students and clients. A device like M-Tracer is a very helpful tool for transferring the necessary analysis from one to another.

M-Tracer can share all the data which golfers need. Bergstedt appreciated that Epson has made sophisticated motion sensors for a long time. However, he said that combining the efficiency of better storage and power capacity, Epson has been able to make the Smart devices suitable and affordable for all consumers and users.

The M-Tracer has raised a lot of questions in the world of VR and computer gaming. Bergstedt also commented on the topic stating that Epson does make projectors for golf simulators, and while the first place for these devices is more instruction-oriented, gaming is an obvious extension. He further said that the company is currently focusing on collecting the feedback from the users and customers to make a product more profitable for the users.

Bergstedt also disclosed that Epson is focusing on designing and building wearables for other sports like running. The Product Manager also praised that the wearable has been massively used to solve arguments and to see what’s happening in a golfer’s swing.

In the end, Epson is also aiming to help those who want to improve their game statistics. The company is seeking to fund and helps from those who are interested in having relevant Epson wearable in their life.

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