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Hedokko Smart Garments Provide 3D Performance Visuals To Athletes

Are you yearning for a garment that fits right into your body and provides you with visuals significant to your body and you? Here’s your choice. Heddoko is the first company that offers smart garments with built-in sensors which track your movements perfectly. The Heddoko smart garments track the movements in 3D and provide users with a visual feedback and analyze them through the Smartphone app.

The Smart garments have embedded sensors that measure your upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, chest, back, and stomach. The material is soft, light, smooth and thin, and can easily be worn under other sports clothing.

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Hedokko Smart Garments Provide 3D Performance Visuals To Athletes

The Heddoko garments focuses on the measurements and the precise actions. It is a revolution in athletic wearable tech. It provides users with real-time feedback, instructions, statistical analysis of a user’s performance. Even when you are performing wrong movements or the posture isn’t optimal, the mobile app will instantly tell you to improve the posture or to rectify the pose.

What’s more is that it helps to reduce the injuries by knowing your body’s limitations and updates you with the precautions that must be taken in order to prevent that. Heddoko mobile app analyzes your data in 3D and monitors your every movement. There is even a community from where users can get help from higher level athletes and can challenge their peers for better results.

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Hedokko Smart Garments Provide 3D Performance Visuals To Athletes

Heddoko can compare a 3D map of yourself against a professional, or yourself from an earlier practice. From there, it will tell you where you’re at, and where you should be. You can also have a 3D visual comparison of your movement versus an inspirational goal.

You can check more about the Heddoko product here. This is high time we all stop depending on the instructors and opt for the most flexible options like 3D tracking from the wearable tech.

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