The word “Hydration Clothing” doesn’t make much sense. Right? What would such kinds of shirt be? Would there be some sort of a storage pocket for water? Nah! The idea itself is so absurd.

HydraQore shirts will keep you hydrated, no matter what

Putting our own guesses aside, we now know that what hydration shirt might mean. The pair of shirt and shorts by Qore Performance, contrary to our infamous guess of hydrating, focuses on keeping you away from sweating. What a clever way to keep you hydrated without supplying any such source.

The shirts have long sleeves with pockets and are designed in a compression style. The pockets are designed over the brachial and radial arteries on the forearms and wrist. The short have same sort of designing over the arteries attached to femur of the inner upper thigh.

HydraQore shirts will keep you hydrated, no matter what

The pockets and the special attachments have heat absorbing HydraQore over the pulse points where your blood runs close to the surface. The HydraQore is a cold pack which will be charged through dropping it in ice water or keeping it in chilled freezer for about 15 minutes. These packs freeze at 60 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the usual 32. The temperature is beneficial because when you work out your body needs to dissipate heat and that will be done with the help of the Qore’s product by opening the blood vessels.

Qore on its website posted the difference between its wear and the regular shirts we wear during workouts. There were about 17 subjects who went through this procedure. The results claim that about 40 percent hydration increases while wearing this shirt. Moreover, the endurance level also increased while wearing the shirts.

HydraQore shirts will keep you hydrated, no matter what

As per the current information, the company has planned to sell the shirts in black, gray blue and pink hues. The shirts are additionally UPF 50+, odor proof, stretchable and moisture absorbing.  The clothing has successfully raised $23,026 USD with 273 backers. The shipment is expected to start from May 2016.

Qore has already put up sleeves, shorts and arm bands on the website for sale. We all hope that it won’t be long before the company starts shipping the shirts.