7 Professional Sports Wearables Used By Major Teams And Leagues

Wearable technology in professional sports is the latest trend. The technology has been changing the meaning of sports and the way we associate ourselves with it. Fans are now able to see some really intense sports without any dramatic pauses, as wearable tech is taking over the decision-making aspects of professional sports too.

Wearable tech, nowadays, being used in sports is changing the level and the efficiency of the game. Soon, the players would be able to see high level and intense sports with athletic efficiency and mild to no injuries due to this tech. Catering to the needs of the players, many big leagues have incorporated different wearables in their games and practice sessions. This is why we have made a list of wearables fulfilling the needs of professional sports in different leagues. Have a read;


The Adidas miCoach Elite Systemis being used by Major League Soccer in American MLS games and European counterparts for about two years now. The sensor is basically fitted inside a gear or apparel that is capable of judging athletic performance like acceleration, speed, distance, power, and heart rate etc. After collecting all the essential data, miCoach send it to the coach instantly so that he can monitor the performance of the individual and can know about potential concussions and injuries.

miCoach was used by Germany, the winner of the world cup, last year. The potential and the use of the wearable were thus proved by the major win. German national team trainer Darcy Norman said that;

miCoach Elite was used in almost every training session to monitor each player’s performance and record their stats. It allowed coaches to reflect back on the team’s performance, tweak each player’s skills, and plan future workouts to ensure we’re improving performance and focusing our efforts in the right areas.