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5 Must-Have Wearables For Gym

5 Must-Have Wearables For Gym

5 Must-Have Wearables For Gym

Gyming isn’t restricted to only those who are athletes or sports professionals. Nowadays, most of us are fitness geek and are interested in intense gyming. However, most of the people who visit gym daily are interested to know about their fitness and health statistics. Intense exercises and gyming has a great impact on ones’ body. This is why most of the people around the world have started to consult wearable tech, pre and post gym sessions.

With the increasing quantity of wearable tech, it is hard to distinguish which device is suitable or fulfilling for your needs. This is why we have made a list of those wearables which fit your gym needs perfectly. You can choose any of the following based on your taste, need and price range. All the mentioned are highly recommended wearables for the gym.



Athos is smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals. The Smart clothing is meant to improve your performance, while, keeping you fit and strong at the same time. The garments contain seamlessly integrated, non-adhesive biosignal sensors. There are about 12 EMG sensors and 2 heart rate sensors embedded in the shirts to keep track of muscle activities and heart rate. Similarly, the shorts also have a pair of 8 EMG and 4 heart rate sensors.

Athos is meant for both men and women with high-quality fabric fit for all your needs. The apparel data points provide an unparalleled level of insight into physiology and performance. All the data collected is sent to an Athos app which provides you with real-time insights.

Athos Smart training apparel is one of the best gym wearable clothing available out there. You can choose different packages to go with your perfect gym plan.




Between $149 and $547



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