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5 Must-Have Wearables For Gym

5 Must-Have Wearables For Gym

Gyming isn’t restricted to only those who are athletes or sports professionals. Nowadays, most of us are fitness geek and are interested in intense gyming. However, most of the people who visit gym daily are interested to know about their fitness and health statistics. Intense exercises and gyming has a great impact on ones’ body. This is why most of the people around the world have started to consult wearable tech, pre and post gym sessions.

With the increasing quantity of wearable tech, it is hard to distinguish which device is suitable or fulfilling for your needs. This is why we have made a list of those wearables which fit your gym needs perfectly. You can choose any of the following based on your taste, need and price range. All the mentioned are highly recommended wearables for the gym.



Athos is smart training apparel that monitors your body’s biosignals. The Smart clothing is meant to improve your performance, while, keeping you fit and strong at the same time. The garments contain seamlessly integrated, non-adhesive biosignal sensors. There are about 12 EMG sensors and 2 heart rate sensors embedded in the shirts to keep track of muscle activities and heart rate. Similarly, the shorts also have a pair of 8 EMG and 4 heart rate sensors.

Athos is meant for both men and women with high-quality fabric fit for all your needs. The apparel data points provide an unparalleled level of insight into physiology and performance. All the data collected is sent to an Athos app which provides you with real-time insights.

Athos Smart training apparel is one of the best gym wearable clothing available out there. You can choose different packages to go with your perfect gym plan.




Between $149 and $547



GymTrack is a unique gym wearable which automatically tracks your workouts. With the help of SmartPin and Barbell attachment, the wearable easily keeps check of your all gym activities. GymTrack’s proprietary sensors install easily on to any existing equipment and eliminate the need to track manually. It means that instructors and trainers won’t have to keep a manual list of the workout and physical activities; rather, they will be recorded by this marvel.

Heart Rate, time under tension, stability, motion, tempo and progress all collected in a record time. Due to the workout builder, trainers can build workouts for their clients and update them on the progress. The workout builder will take care of all the data and will send it to the connected Smartphone app.

GymTrack revolutionizes the workouts and completely changes the way we think about Gym. It is another wearable that is highly recommended and can be paired with products like Athos, very well. You can read about our detailed explanation of the product here.


You can Pre-order it from here.


No updates on the price yet.



MOTi is a wearable which is specially designed and is meant for the gym and the gymers. It recognizes more than 18 correct workout routines and tracks motion in 3D space. This is done by using 6-axis MEMS motion sensors composed of an accelerometer, gyroscope and patented algorithm solutions.

The data is accessed via a mobile app and is available for both Android and IOS. The app comes embedded with example workout videos and coach programs to help you design your routine and get help when needed or perhaps use the app “MOTiVATOR” section to simply set targets and analyze your achievement.

The range of data is collected by MOTi and it covers pretty much all your gym needs. Track your workouts with MOTi Wearable designed exclusively for Gym.

ORDER: MOTi Wearable



OMsignal is complete fitness kits which gauge your daily activities and helps you in getting fitter day by day. It is your own personal coach striving to help you to be fit and to lead you towards perfect workouts. The kit comes with separate OM Smart Shirt, OM Smart Box, and OM Smart App.

OM Smart Shirt has been designed with such fabric and in such a way that it reads accurate data without being uncomfortable. The shirt activates the fast blood circulation and helps muscles to recover faster while workouts.  On the other hand, The OM box contains the advanced data and reading technology. The box is made of light yet hard and thick shell which will not get damaged during your intense workout sessions.

All the data is then sent to an app. You can view your live heart rate during workouts. You can also check your Resting Heart Rate, Peak Heart Rate, Breaths per minute, push score during training sessions, calorie count, step taken during a workout, and heart rate zones Heart Rate Recovery Time and more to instantly gauge your progress are all collected in the app during your workout sessions.

You can read more about OMsignal in detail here.




$151.00 USD



GymWatch is the cool personal trainer for Gym geeks. It helps you to build muscle in a proper way and channels your energy in a positive form. It also makes sure that you are gyming properly. It has a set of motion sensors that work through a very specific way. In the small body of the band are an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The combination of the three tracks your hands and joint movements and gauge the tension caused during different muscle contractions.

The band will also stay compatible with weight machines, dumbbells and different exercises which adjust your weight. The collected data is sent to a compatible app for review. There are a various bunch of exercises mentioned in the app for muscles of the different parts of the body.

GymWatch is perfect for everyone who loves the gym. From mild to intensive workouts its suits all.






So, this is the list of the five must-have wearables for the gym. Remember that there are hundreds of wearables out there with their own expertise and specifications. These are only five best wearables which maximize the quality of your workouts. Also, the list isn’t priority based, as all the mentioned wearables have their own importance.

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