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Run Well with “Lumo Run Shorts”

Are you planning on ordering smart Lumo Run shorts?
Are you planning on ordering smart Lumo Run shorts?

Most of the people feel drowsy and tired even when thinking about adding running to stay fit and healthy. Well! I must say that running has never been easy. But sure, running would be beneficial when you know that you can have all the vital statistics and help you need to know about your daily running routine.

Lumo Bodytech, the maestro who designed posture coaching life wearable has yet again jumped into wearable market with the unique-est wearable possible. They have this time develop “Lumo Run running shorts.”

The shorts when worn during your daily run will provide you with all the possible details regarding your strides and all that you need to know while running; through a Smartphone app. The shorts through its internally fitted sensors in the waistband will tell you about your posture, cadence, pelvic rotation, bounce, braking, ground contact, and stride length. It will send an immediate feedback to you and will tell you in an instant if there is a need to rectify your gait.

The biometric sensors are fitted throughout the wearable to track any abnormality in your actions and functions. The shorts will gauge your pelvic stability through three different areas to identify if you are rotating your pelvis, leaning forward or dropping your hips too much. The shorts connect to your smartphone using low-energy Bluetooth. They additional have a gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration monitor, barometer, and magnetometer too.


The Lumo shorts are basically acts as a coach to train you better while running and telling you where you need correction or where you should have proper flexing to your muscles. Often you start running sporadically, because your knees are hurting or some veins are stretching inside, that’s when you need this wearable the most. There is a button directly connected to the sensor situated over a tiny pocket along the waistband, which when pressed will send you a direct feedback. Majority of the time the shorts send you feedback automatically.

The company has said that the system lasts at least one month on a single battery charge. The shorts can easily be washed through machine and contains zipper pockets that can conveniently fit your Smartphone, keys, and other small important things you need while running.

The Lumo Run is available for both genders. It is in pure black shorts for men and capris for women. Sizes are also available according to your waist from extra small to large. The shorts can be pre-ordered from Lumo’s official website. They can be ordered for $99 for the shorts or $119 for the capris. Both styles will retail for $50 more in stores

The Lumo Run expected to ship in spring, 2016.

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