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Polar Announces M430 Smart Watch With Innovative Updates


There’s a reason Polar is among the most loved fitness gadget brands. It has always maintained its innovation and creativity. Polar recently announced a running watch – the M430 – a successor to the M400.

M430 will come with an optical heart rate sensor – as the chief update, along with some more improvements.

The new Polar M430 is waterproof. It has a six-LED heart rate sensor and a built-in GPS. It has more accurate indoor activity tracking owing to the fine-tuned accelerometer and algorithms.  It is thinner and lighter than M400. It has a perforated strap for more breathability. However, similar to M400, M430 also has monochrome display and unibody design.

Polar USA President Tom Fowler persists that the accuracy of its heart rate sensors is top-notch. Polar already has a high-quality heart rate sensor – the chest strap – in its pocket. So, this new flapgship watch has high standards to meet from home only.

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M430 also has the Polar “Smart Coaching” feature. You can visualize this feature in your watch as well as the smartphone app. Once you have completed a run, you’ll see score as the Running Index.

Running Index will be a combo of the length of your run, your speed and how hard you worked out overall. It will let you sense aerobic vs. anaerobic activities, immediate vs. residual training load. It also gives free tips on improving running schedule based on your gender, weight, age, experience, and running time. You can also upload your running schedule and share with other users.

The Polar M430 has a 30 hour of life from the 240 mAh battery when using the low-powered GPS, and up to 20 days with moderate use. It will be available in three colours – orange, white and dark grey. The new M430 running watch starts shipping in May and will cost $229.


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