Polar Smart Workout Shirt with Built-in Heart Rate and GPS Tracker – A Treat for Sports Teams


Polar is all set to begin its 2017 with a huge bang. In the recent Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas, Polar proudly announced its first actually wearable sports wearable.

Though Polar already has repute in smart sports apparel industry; with its latest Polar Team Pro Shirt, the company will be taking sports wearables to new heights.

With already many fitness trackers and heart rate monitors in its pocket even since the 80s; Polar’s new smart shirt will be a huge challenge to the competitors.

This high tech embedded apparel has been a hot talk smart sports apparel industry for a long time. Now that Polar has finally launched it, the Pro Shirt will be a huge benefit to serious athletes.

The smart workout shirt is sleeveless, with two unobtrusive points for capturing heart rate embedded within the fabric. Athletes will no longer need the uneasy chest straps or the inaccurate wristbands for heart rate tracking.


There is another treat for the athletes. The back collar of the smart garment is equipped with a GPS device for monitoring the speed, distance and rate of acceleration of the athlete.

The smart shirt is compatible with Polar’s Team Pro system. It provides insights to the performance of the athletes, tracking their records and other metrics. The coach can also view the performance data on his iPad in real time.


The smart shirt will be launched in March 2017. For starters, it will only be available for sports teams exclusively and not to individual consumers. Polar has not yet released the price.

The company promises that the smart shirt will be extremely comfortable yet efficient for the athletes; but the claim will only be validated once the athletes get their hands on this masterpiece.


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