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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Now Available For Purchase

No matter how dorky or odd looking chest straps have been regarded, it has been established that their heart rate tracking technology is better and more precise than that of smartwatches or other fitness wearables.

Fewer manufacturers spend their time and energy on chest straps these days, Polar has been consistent in this niche of fitness wearables. Polar launched its H7 several years back, which was a huge success back then.

2017 is panning out to be quite successful for Polar. It had announced two gadgets in CES 2017 – Pro Shirt and H10. Its Pro Shirt will be available any time soon and H10 is already available for purchase on Amazon.

Polar H10 chest strap is made of a soft fabric that adapts to your body built. It has a buckle and silicone dots to keep it in place during training.

If accuracy and connectivity are your chief concerns then Polar H10 heart rate sensor is your go-to gadget. Track your heart rate in real-time with utmost accuracy and connect your heart rate to your training equipment.

It also has an accompanying fitness app Polar Beat. Once connected to the app, it provides you real-time stats of your heart rate in your smartphone.

However, it is also function with iOS and Android, other fitness devices and compatible gym equipment via Bluetooth. H10 will also play with GoPro Hero5 and Hero4 cameras to let you visualize your heart rate and training overlaid on your GoPro vids.

According to the officials at Polar, H10 will be featuring interference-preventing electrodes on its strap. It will enable improved and more precise tracking. It will have internal memory for one training session. This feature will help you in situations when you can’t carry your phone while training such as while playing soccer or basketball.

It comes with longer battery life and a sleek design. Its software can also be updated. Polar H10 is fully waterproof although Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater.

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