Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Shapeheart – An Innovation to Provide Armband Heart Rate Monitoring


For those who do not use or want to replace heart rate monitors on the wrist, a new startup have them covered, providing a biometric tracking features from a smartphone-arm band.

All the exercisers who do not own a GPS running watch on their wrists can keep track of all the insights with in-built monitoring system of Shapeheart that is compatible with multiple Android and iOS apps like Strava and Endomondo.

It gives you a smooth running experience with its magnetic phone case to easily access your apps on the go and its smart training features detects heart rate accurately.

The device comes with great battery life lasting upto 25 hours and is detachable from the strap by its easy-to-use magnetic feature which a user can easily snap on and off whenever required.

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Currently, the product is in its initial trial rounds and needs your support at Kickstarter. The device is available for 75$ as an early bird discount after a 42% discount on the actual price, which apparently makes a good deal and is equivalent to the same price as what you would get a heart rate monitor chest strap for.

For the light based monitoring system that this Shapeheart offers, this could be a winner in our opinion.

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