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1st and Future by National Football League – The Competition Begins

For enhancement of the football game and for safety of its players, National Football League (NFL) has joined hands with Texas Medical Center (TMC) for a unique pitch competition.

1st and Future will take place in Houston, on February 4, 2017 at the Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx). In this unique competition, up to nine startups would be called upon in order to present their exclusive technologies to the judges, NFL executives and team owners, the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, TMC and the audience.

Prizes for the Winning Team

Although getting to present the startup idea in front of such audience, judges panel, NFL team owners, executives, TMC, Houston Super Bowl Host Committee and invitees from the NFL, is one great deal. But, to add cherry on the top, $50,000 check from NFL would be granted to the winning team from each theme. Along with that, the winning team will have an acceptance into the Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx) and will also receive two tickets to Super Bowl Ll.

Selection of Finalists – The Judging Criteria

There are three categories and total nine finalists are chosen from each category. More or less than nine finalists could also be chosen which depends on the mutual agreement between the parties. Live event is held at TMC’s innovation institute, specifically the TMC accelerator (Pitch-Off). Finalists which are called to attend the Pitch-Off are selected among the Entrants by either sponsors or their agents based on which applicants best meet the criteria, which is known as the ‘Judging Criteria’. This criteria is mentioned below:

  1. Communication with the Athlete: Based on judges assessment, winner will be selected whose technology is most likely to be implemented and improvise the safe means of communication a coach in the coach’s booth, on the sideline and a designated player on field.
  2. Training of the Athlete: Winner would be selected on assessment of judges of which training and educational innovations will minimize injury while competition or practice.
  3. Protection of the Athlete: Winner would be selected based on judge’s assessment of best solutions for advancing health of player and safety while permitting for great performance.

For more information about the pitch competition, visit the 1st and Future website.

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