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Athlete Intelligence Introduces Cue Sport Sensor For Head Impact Detection


Formerly known as i1 Biometrics, Athlete Intelligence has been a leading startup when it comes to sports safety and injury prevention through technology and data analytics. The company has developed cutting edge gadgets such as the Vector Mouth Guard™ and Shockbox ® injury protection and detection in helmet-wearing sports.

However, according to Athlete Intelligence CEO Jesse Harper, “There’s so much interest right now in non-helmeted sports, we wanted to participate in that space, which is why we developed the Cue Sport Sensor.”

Hence Cue Sport Sensor becomes the product of the previous limitations of this startup. This time, they have not left any space for a limitation. Their device is flawless and on point.

The Cue™ Sport Sensor is a minuscule, lightweight (the size of two quarters), head-impact detector made of plastic. The sensor can adapt itself to a helmet, headband, skullcap, or headgear. The sensor is versatile and adaptable. It works fine with helmeted sports such as hockey, skateboarding and non-helmet wearing sports such as rugby and soccer to detect head-impact and record data for repeated head blows.

“People think concussion is solely the domain of high contact sports like football and hockey but sports like soccer are not immune to concussion injuries, and many of those injuries occur from the second or third contact to the same head area.” Harper said in a press release.

The sensor can transmit data through radio and Bluetooth to transmit data; it can function online as well as offline. Along with transmitting data on sportsman’s safety, the sensor also detects trends and insights of athlete performance.

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“We started as a head impact (detection) company. But athletes are all about performance,” Harper said. “We’re about building a better athlete. We knew we had to expand. We knew we had to get into non-helmet sports. Players are looking for performance, parents are looking for safety, and coaches are looking for both.”

The most innovative feature of the device is its “coachable moments.” The information gathered and analyzed by the sensor can be utilized by the coaches not only to detect injuries, but also to study the pattern of injuries and identify the players who are prone to multiple injuries due to their technique.

Athlete Intelligence is working on collaborating with some bigshot sports product companies to insert Smart Cue into their products and make them smart devices.

Cue Sport Sensor has a micro USB port for charging and downloading data when wireless connection isn’t functional. Its battery functions for almost a week when fully charged. You can place orders through the company’s website. The Cue Sport Sensor that is scheduled to be shipped this spring at $99, for both team and individual use. Its platform will remain free for the first month, and $10 per year after that.

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