Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Arion FootPod – Real Time Coach and Injury Preventer

Arion in collaboration with Ato Gear has planned to take the technology of smartwatches and fitness trackers to a new dimension.

With features like running time feedback, smart footpod and insoles setup, they are all set to provide much safer platform with less risk of injuries.

By connecting up the Arion insoles with Bluetooth pod, one can keep tabs on a range of running metrics, which can provide more extensive data details such as strike index, impact, power, flight time, contact time, stride length, pronation and balance.

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“You can use any device you like with it,” Ato Gear CEO Andrew Statham commented. “Many people already have their watches. We currently have compatibility with a number of different smartwatches, and these are also becoming a lot more open. So pulling in your heart rate data via Bluetooth is possible.”

Statham added, “We’re not out there to replace other wearables, but we add an extra dimension — the biomechanical part, the technique part, the how. There’s a lot of devices out there measuring the what — so your distance and your speed but not telling you how to act upon it.”

After a user is done with running, they can sent in their feedback and inputs regarding injuries with all their severity and nature. This can help to create an injury report, which can be further sent into device’s AI, hence helping to create a more sustained, personalized feedback.

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The CEO, Statham, further commented, ‘’ The idea is that this should be a tool that’s very accessible for high end athletes, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or you just want a general picture, you can just hit start and focus on hitting the green zone. So it can also be a tool for more recreational runners.”

The device has multiple exciting features to offer including water-resistance, allowing usage in rains or puddles, and a battery life upto 7 hours and customizable LEDs to function in dark or simply jazz up the whole experience.

The product is currently in its beta testing phase and it can be pre-ordered here in two models which are to be launched later this year.

The starter pack comprise of two insoles and a pod, available at 89$, which can track one foot only, while if you pick a Pro Kit, with two modules and cost of 149$, both of the feets can be tracked simultaneously.

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