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Monitoring Impact causing concussion with ‘Prevent Biometrics’

Hits that cause concussion are an emergency and could also prove to be lethal in some cases. Prevent Biometrics has came out with the solution. It has mouth guards which contain microcomputers recording force, direction and location of impact on the head. Prevent Biometrics transmit data through a mobile application, trainer or alerting coaches when an athlete faces a hard impact which could cause concussion. A red LED light on the mouth guard means a hit was above the pre-set impact threshold and then the athlete is assessed for concussion due to the notification alert sent on application. The data is collected to pinpoint where the impact was sustained and with how much force. The collected data on multiple athletes may also be useful in broader injury and impact prevention.

Many people think of Biometrics when they are being used for security applications but they also have major implications for athletes. No matter what the sport is, all athletes are concerned with safety along with their performance, making the Prevent Biometrics smart mouth guard an important innovation. In this device, the monitoring system is basically located in the mouth guard, which makes the process for identifying athletes for concussion assessments data driven and objective. According to one research study, in USA, almost 3.8 million sport related concussions occur each year. Most of them are left undiagnosed and are untreated. Such concussions could prove very dangerous in the long run and could cause severe health related problems.

Moreover, Prevent Biometrics use the standard ‘biol and bite’ method to precisely mold the mouth-guard and is equipped with wireless charging or syncing.

Prevent Biometrics has been developed by various neurosurgeons and engineers who have worked on it for years. This device will also be available for high school football teams within the next year.

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