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Introducing ORA – Smart Jewelry keeping you safe

Safety has became the biggest concern at hand, now a days. There are various ways of communicating to others when you need them for help. But, it doesn’t stop here, wearables have came into play in order to promise safety, too. ORA is basically smart jewelry which has taken the pledge of keeping you safe. It works by sending notification to your network of contacts when you are in danger of any sort. 911 backup sets it apart from all others.

ORA is for everyone and there is no limit to where it could help. Either it is about providing help in the event of medical emergency or safety, or just to reach out for help when your phone is not available, this device can help you live without limits. For those professionals who are working alone, this wearable is elegant and discrete for them. Women who want to live without any fear or limits, especially when walking at night or going for a run alone, this wearable keeps them moving without hesitance.

Apart from all that, it has been designed in a very stylish manner with enhanced features, not looking like a medical alert device at all. Its design and features are much appreciated by active older adults who are independent and want to keep it that way.

The link is where the magic happens, it is the technology and alert button. The link fits into your choice of jewelry. You have to pair it up with ORA app after setting it up and when you press the button, ORA app sends an alert to your support network. When you need help and you push the button, your phone will sound loud alarm and your support network will be alerted.

Since this wearable communicates through the ORA smartphone app, you are protected wherever there is cell phone coverage with any cellular carrier.

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