Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Bolzfabrik Brings VR Experience For Professional Football Clubs In Partnership With Beyond Sports

Bolzfabrik aims to digitize football to make the experience even more amazing for the players, the coaches and also the fans. It incorporates technological innovations to bring high tech products and ingenious solutions making football more professional, faster and more effective.

With cooperation from leading training experts like Jürgen Klopp, Bolzfabrik has become one of those very few training consultancy startups that actively bring solutions to the challenges faced by the players, coaches and consultants.

According to its latest press release, Bolzfabrik has entered into the world of Virtual Reality. The startup announced a strategic long term partnership with Beyond Sports in this regard. The two companies share the aim to elevate the value of football training and game analysis by using virtual reality solutions.

According to Mario Welte, CEO of Bolzfabrik, “Virtual reality has played an important role in our strategic considerations for a long time. This is why we are delighted to team up with a partner like Beyond Sports, who is a pioneer in VR applications for sports. We share the same vision of a digital sporting landscape by a hundred percent.”

Beyond Sports presents its innovative product portfolio that will enable professional football clubs to enhance their video analysis and training tools and simulate situations from the perspective of athletes. Footballers and their coaches can experience important techniques through VR again and again for training and learning purpose. Detailed performance data and latest scientific findings will help improve the game of individual player.

Mark Snijders, Sales Director at Beyond Sports said, “This partnership with Bolzfabrik is an excellent opportunity to make sure that technology becomes an even greater aspect of sports. Bolzfabrik works with multiple coaches/trainers that work for professional football clubs, giving them the opportunity to spot the need for new technologies within those clubs. Together we can make sure that football reaches the next level.”

Initially, the collaboration will mainly focus on the German football market where bolzfabrik already part of. The ultimate goal is a technological revolution to work within football together internationally.

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