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New Balance Will Launch Digital Sports Platform for Athletes

  • New Balance Will Launch Digital Sports Platform Athletes

New Balance on January 5, 2015 announced on CES that it will be launching a new division dedicated for the improvement of the performance of athletes. The exclusive new part of the company has been named as New Balance Digital Sport.

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The Balance Digital Sport platform is supposed to motivate, understand and attempt to improve the overall enthusiasm and performance of the athletes. The motto of the sport platform would be achieved through new wearable technologies and different digital experiences. The first product of the new initiative would be a Smartwatch, coming at the end of 2016.

New Balance Will Launch Digital Sports Platform Athletes

Due to the launch of Digital Sport platform, New Balance will be partnering with some very famous companies. The big names include Strava, Intel, Zepp and Google. The partnership will result in the production of wearables specific for athletes’ fitness and Smart clothes etc. The motive of Digital Sport will be to design a center for athletes where digital tech will be combined with the effect of wearables.

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The press release of the company mentioned that there are three main product categories scheduled for launch in the Digital Sports. These incorporate Smartwatches, Sensors fitted into New Balance footwear and clothing, and performance sport that includes sports equipments.

Rob DeMartini, President and CEO of New Balance in a statement said that;

“New Balance has a 110-year heritage of product development and innovation in the running category, and, our new Digital Sport division represents our newest commitment to invest in athletes and runners around the world in their pursuit of extraordinary physical feats. Digital technology has truly revolutionized, very quickly, this industry and New Balance wants to continue to be a brand on the forefront, arming our athletes with the cutting-edge products that will help them reach peak performance.”

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The Smartwatch by New Balance is aimed to launch by late 2016 and will help train athletes without the help of Smartphones. The watch is specially designed for the runners. It will track the routes with the help of GPS while keep on playing music so that the runners don’t get bored and would not have to use their Smartphones too. The Smartwatch would be powered by Android and will be a product of the partnership between Intel and Google.

After the launch of Smartwatch, other new connected products for the athletes will launch in 2017 and 2018. New Balance will also reveal a digital platform along with the products.

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