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Beware! This Adrenaline dress di-morph based on stress levels

Wearables and fashion have blended together and Intel is one of the companies which are making it possible. Smart clothing is becoming a trend of 2016. More and more clothes with smart features are stepping and hitting high in the markets around the world. Intel’s latest Adrenaline Dress is one such wearable with technology fitted inside fashion.

eware! This Adrenaline dress di-morph based on stress levels

The dress has been created by Intel in partnership with a well-known international fashion designer, Becca McCharen. From the brains of the two geniuses, the gorgeous looking dress has been designed to provide the wearer with their adrenal function and stress level. What’s interesting is that the dress will change its shape as per the mental situation of the wearer. Isn’t that ultra-spectacular?

Designer McCharen has been experimenting with fashion and other tech implementations in her Chromat line. The lineup experiments with different aspects of the human bodies. The Chromat has been fitted with sensor suite that has been provided by Intel.

The Intel Curie sensor is a mini computer that is nearly equal to the size of button. The sensor has been incorporated by many other wearable devices recently available in the market. The sensor in question can find and gauge the biometrics, breathing details, and body temperature and perspiration patterns of the wearer. The Intel Curie sensor allows the new dress to give reaction to both internal and external stress related factors. Based on the biometric response emitted by the wearer, the dress shrinks and grows.

eware! This Adrenaline dress di-morph based on stress levels

The fabric of the dress has been manufactured by a memory alloy that is capable of coming back to its original shape after repetitive shrinking and stretching. Apart from the alloy, the other details are pure neoprene, nylon with printed 3D and McCharen’s signature corset boning for the Chromat lineup.

Chromat in its press statement said that;

“By serving as an extension of our sensory systems, the responsive garments reflect a concept known as biomimicry, where nature is used to solve complex human problems”

eware! This Adrenaline dress di-morph based on stress levels

Moreover, if the adrenaline levels of the human body increase they are detected through fast breathing, increasing body temperature, body sweat and many other prominent physical changes. These changes are detected by Intel’s Curie sensor. Similarly, when the Adrenal level changes, the dress expands when it wants to show the human fighter instinct or side. When the stress level is back to normal, the dress will shrink back to the normal size.

So what do you think about the new fashionable wearable? Are you ready to scare the hell out of your rivals by showing them the amount of Adrenaline pulsing throughout your body?

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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