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VERT Jump Monitor is the first wearable for jump rate

VERT Jump Rate Monitor is the first wearable for jump rate

VERT has been the leading name in the  sports wearable industry. The company has been one of the pioneers of the wearable world. Roughly, VERT has been using its expertise in this field since 2014. It has also revolutionized the athletic experiences with its VERT Wearable Jump Rate Monitor, the first sports wearable to measure jump rate.

The VERT Jump Rate Monitor is an acute, tiny inertial measurement unit (IMU). It allows athletes to perform well in practice session and original games without any discomfort or harm. The device will be paired with an iOS app to provide you with jump height, jump rate and all the other measurements related to your jump intensity. The data can then be reviewed by your coach for betterment and other purposes. For quick and easier review, the Smartwatch can also be connected to view and track your data by just a single press on your wrist.

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The importance of this wearable is potentially increased for young athletes or teens. With the progress of time, training is intended to intensify on yearly basis and coaches, parents and players will be relaxed to know the safe progress. The sports which need high jumps like volleyball, basketball and track and field now have an efficient way to monitor their jump intensity. They can also gauge all the parameters through which they can know which jump is god and which is harmful and should be prevented.

VERT Jump Rate Monitor is the first wearable for jump rate

VERT has developed an entirely new dimension and fitness measurement. The wearable can connect through app and can easily calculate motion in all directions. The measurement is done through a proprietary algorithm that contains more than 53 simulations to measure vertical height. The device is so tiny that no one can see it you while wearing, but coach and trainers can get the relevant data within no time. The injury risk for all the athletes would be minimized big time. Apart from tough athletes, those who merely play to stay in shape can also benefit from it. The wearable can be used to measure jumps during a cross fit routine or jump rope workout.


VERT is fast expanding itself in the athletic circles and has gained dense popularity. VERT has also broken various records, previously. It became the first wearable ever to be featured in a NCAA broadcast on live TV during a women’s volleyball match between the University of Florida and the University of South Carolina in 2014. It also became the first wearable ever to show athletic data in an NCAA match on a Jumbotron.

VERT Wearable Jump Rate Monitor can be ordered from the company’s website for $124.99. The VERT coach app, designed specifically for coaches is available for $99.99 while the player’s app is absolutely free.

VERT Jump Rate Monitor is the first wearable for jump rate

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The wearable might be old , but the passion with which it was invented still reverberates in the wearable world. Moreover, VERT has set the foundation for top-class wearable tech we see today.


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