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Review of Hexoskin vest by W Coertzen, an Olympic athlete!

We reported earlier that Willem Coertzen, a South African sport athlete is preparing himself for Rio Olympics 2016 by wearing his hexoskin vest overnight and keeping a check on his body-metrics. We contacted him to share his experience and here is what he thinks about his new Hexoskin vest!

Plus points:

  • Hexoskin vest gives you a lot of insight into your own body. There is lot of information to analyse.
  • It is very easy to use and to setup.
  • Its light in weight and fit like a glove, therefore making the sensors very accurate when doing an activity.
  • It’s very effective in terms of the data it provides such as heart rate, lung capacity, the best being the sensors that shows you how you are breathing on the screen (really good!)

Two favourite things about Hexoskin vest

First, the fact that I can track my sleep which is very important as I don’t always get enough sleep due to having a 1 year old boy 😜 so with the Hexoskin vest I can track my sleep and adjust to make sure I get full recovery out of my sleep.

Second, is the running info as I am a multi-events athlete, I do run quite a bit, so with all the info I get from my vest I can track different session and compare sessions with each other to see if I am pushing too hard or slacking a bit.

Negative points

It would only be that you can’t charge in a normal wall socket, that it has to be charged through your laptop.

Final Verdict:

The Hexoskin vest for me is a very good product and would recommend it to any serious athlete in order to get the best out of their body.

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