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Intel and Luxottica partnership has produced Super Glasses for Athletes

Intel and Luxottica partnership has produced Super Glasses for Athletes

Intel is the big name we all have heard about. Intel’s contribution to technology has us all mesmerized and humbled. The company has done wonders in the area of technology. Now, the famous tech giant has finalized its alliance for the wearable world.

Intel has partnered with Luxottica, a well-known eyewear maker. The partnership is supposed to launch its first product by the end of this year. And the much savored product is the special Smart Glasses specifically designed for the athletes.

Intel recently debuted the new technology on stage at the event of the year; Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday, 5 January 2015. As per the showing on the event, the special wearable tech for athletes will be concealed under exotic sunglasses. As you already may have guessed, the sunglasses would be manufactured by Oakley which is the famous brand owned by Luxottica.

Intel, during the video demonstration on the stage at CES showed how the Oakely designed glasses are supposed to palliate athletes. The company claimed that the glasses are fitted with special earpieces on both sides. The earpieces allow athletes to track workout information in real-time. The athletes would be able to see information like the distance travelled while running or the speed required finishing laps in a certain time etc.

The Smart Glasses are equipped with the Radar Pace technology. This technology allows the users to do and find everything they want by just using their voice. The voice-activation feature of the glasses can be the reason they have created so much hype. Because, even Google Glass wants the user to swipe in order to do things.

During the demonstration at CES, the Intel CEO Brian Kraznich announced that the wearable would be available from late 2016. No other details or a specific launch date has been revealed yet. For all the athletes; dream about wearing the glasses and learning about all the athletics you want till then.





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