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Feelmore Labs’ Cove Neckband Wearable Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Feelmore Labs’ Cove Neckband wearable can be worn behind the ears to reduce stress and anxiety. It uses mechanical simulation technology. Wearing it for only 20 minutes each day, the user will feel soothed and relaxed with its gentle vibrations.

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Surprisingly,a number of gadgets are available to do this task. This newly made device appears to be very promising and already many people have proved it to be capable of reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

The Feelmore Labs’ Cove Neckband is supported with a smartphone app. This app is responsible for monitoring the progress of the band and can be run on your iOS or Android. A very simple yet effective wearable, this simple gadget can be worn any time of the day.

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However, it is not necessary that the user sits in the dark and quiet for a relaxing mode. In fact,he can be working out in the gym or be attending a video call or meeting at work; with this wearable behind his ears. Simple as that! The wearable keeps working and producing sensational vibrations. These are responsible to boost calmness and peace.

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A new feature in the neckband will be introduced in the future. This will be the ability to measure the stress of the user. The manufacturers claim people will be able to use this gadget in everyday routine life.

The Cove Neckband is still in its testing phase. Around 80% of the people who have used it, have revealed that they have felt less anxious and stressful over the last four weeks. The price of this gadget is still uncertain. Rumours say that it will be available in markets by the end of the year 2020.

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