WellBe – The World’s First Wearable Stress Therapy Bracelet


A day ago we told you about the biometric wearable ZENTA which tracks your emotional and physical stress. This time, another bracelet by another company has made rounds on Kickstarter even after a successful Indiegogo campaign, a year ago. WellBe’s new wearable is up on Kickstarter at a whopping discount.

WellBe - The World's First Wearable Stress Therapy Bracelet

Like the other wearable stress trackers available today, WellBe also promises to point out the factors which are stressing the users. The factors and essentials also include people you are with when you get stressed, time of the day in which you were stressed the most or the location which has a negative impact on you.

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WellBe bracelet finds out all about your situation by monitoring your heart rate. After collecting the heart data, it feeds them into its proprietary algorithms to give users a WellBe State score from ‘Calm’ to ‘High Stress’. What’s more is that with the help of the wearable you can also record your business meeting or interviews, and places etc so that you may later know about the reason which gets you so worked up at the first place.

WellBe - The World's First Wearable Stress Therapy Bracelet

After detecting your stress and telling you about the state score, the device also lets you de-stress. There are different meditation programs which are personalized every time based on your results. WellBe also guides you regarding different breathing exercises, playlists of relaxing sounds and guided imaginations etc. After working your way through the exercises and stress management programs, you can also check your stress levels to gauge the programs which are working and which are not. The connected app also offers programs for 7, 14 and 21 days from renowned mentors through the Mentors Channel, all designed to encourage users to adopt well-being as a habit.

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WellBe - The World's First Wearable Stress Therapy Bracelet
Each bracelet includes two straps – with the flow symbol and without

With 28 days to go, WellBe has already fulfilled its Kickstarter goal. The introductory price of the wearable is $119. However, there are few slots left for the discount price of $109. The shipment is scheduled for September 2016.


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