Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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MATEO: A Bathroom Mat to Monitor Your Posture and Weight

Mateo has launched a smart mat for bathrooms which puts forward a considerably less intimidating method to track your weight. It even provides the user with information about their posture and the composition of their body.

This device comes in the shape of a bathroom mat and it does not look quite dissimilar than one but it does much more than just laying around. Inside it are pressure sensors of medical grade which gather a lot of information about the person standing on it. This information includes everything from hydration, weight, pressure footprint, bone and fat mass, posture and balance.

Many people have complicated feelings about knowing their weight. They know it is an important metric to track, but don’t want to start their day frustrated over even slight weight gains, and would rather lose the data point than step on the scale,” said Lenny Dehan. “Our mat is the bathroom’s new secret weapon for improving health.” Dehan is the Chief Executive Officer at Mateo.

Unfortunately, the mat does not display all this information on itself. Instead, the user has to check it on a smartphone application that is accompanied by this smart mat. This, checking your weight becomes free of stress and it can be done automatically. According to the manufacturers, this smart device comes with Artificial Intelligence which distinguish for itself about the position of the person standing on it and other useful information.

This bathroom mat could be used by an entire family due to its unique build. The smart application can provide history and trends about each member of the family separately. It also provides the tips and guidance on what exercises or diet could a person use to improve their body position. This device was unveiled at CES 2020 and it is very likely to hit the market by march of this year.

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