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Timex Metropolitan gets many of its features from Huami Amazfit Smart Watches

Timex Metropolitan S and Timex Metropolitan R have been launched by Timex. Timex Metropolitan S has a square face while Timex Metropolitan R comes with a round face. Both of these smart watches have many of their features nearly identical to some of the features available in Amazfit Smart watches by Huami.

Huami received certification from FCC a few months back to launch smart watches under the brand name of Timex for its Metropolitan series. Timex and Huami finalised a strategic collaboration some time during last year. Huami brings the manufacturing experience and technicalities of smart watches to the table while Timex offers it well-known and popular brand identity which is recognizable across Europe and America.

“We are excited to introduce another edition to our Timex Smart franchise. This new collection delivers on performance and one of the longest batter life on the market today.” stated Shawn lawson-Cummings. “The Metropolitan collection for men and women combines the ease of soft-touch navigation and performance monitoring, delivering beauty and brains, as is expected for today’s smartwatches.” He added. Shawn is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology and Sports at Timex Group.

First smart watch to come out of this brand partnership between Huami and Timex was Ironman R300 GPS which carried a price tag of 120 US dollars. It was launched earlier this year in February. Now, Timex Metropolitan R resembles Amazfit GTR in more than one ways and same could be said for Timex Metropolitan S and Amazfit GTS, which appear as almost exact replicas of each other. Battery in Timex Metropolitan R lasts for as long as 12 days while Timex Metropolitan S runs for two entire weeks after a full charge of battery. Both these smart watches can be purchased from the official website of Timex with different colour and strap options.

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