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Apple AR Gadgets may overshadow iPhone in the future

According to a recent study, Apple AR Gadgets may overshadow iPhone in the future. How is this possible? Well, reports say that Apple is supposed to launch a high-tech Augmented Reality headset at the end of next year. And that may give record sales – estimated to be around more than a billion in the coming ten years’ time.

The TFI Asset Management Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has predicted this outcome based on his discussion regarding Apple’s latest design item. He discusses the design and Apple’s strategy for the new gadget and comes up with a safe estimate.

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According to Kuo, the upcoming AR device will have “Mac-level” computing power. It will be embedded with two processors. One will be the M1 processor found in Macbooks and the second will be to handle sensor-related computing. He details how the Apple AR headset will come with two Sony 4K Micro OLED displays. This will give it the power to handle virtual-reality applications.

Also, he says that the headset has the capability to operate independently, without a Mac or iPhone. That is one main reason why such an AR headset will be complete and entirely flexible for the user to experience. Based on such a design schema, Kuo considers that this upcoming headset is indeed a winning set. based Kuo has emphasized the fact that Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with AR gadgets within the next 10 years. He asserts that the new device will have a market value of more than a billion devices over the next decade. Gradually, Apple AR Gadgets may overshadow iPhone in the long run.


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