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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses May Assist You To Navigate The Metaverse

Recently, the prototype for Augmented Reality Contact Lenses has been forwarded. These lenses will be capable of fitting into a human eye’s retina and will enable AR projection directly with no need for special glasses. These lenses may even help the human to navigate the Metaverse.

Augmented Reality Contact Lenses In A Glance:

  • Only the prototype is ready for now with the actual item to be launched later on.
  • These may look like normal contact lenses but will have embedded Augmented Reality.
  • No need for glasses
  • Many implementations in the future, including assistance in going through the Metaverse.

AR lenses


Previously, Augmented Reality has always been focused on glasses or headsets. In fact, all experiments in the past have revolved around that hardware. Now since AR is an emerging technology and in real hype these days, Mojo Vision has decided to instill this technology directly into the retinas of people.

This will not only be very realistic and more appealing to consumers, but it will have real-world applications. Many places or jobs are not feasible for physical wearables that occupy space and have other limitations. On the other hand, contact lenses will not come in the way at all.

While these lenses are still in the developing process, and much research and technical details are being considered about them, the company is really hopeful that these lenses will be particularly useful for those with poor vision. With the help of these lenses, images can be enhanced by real-time contrast and lighting adjustments. With the zoom option, anything can be enlarged to confirm what exactly it is, and note any miniature thing like the facial expression of the subject.

Also, the company claims, such lenses can be useful for firefighters. A firefighter in the future will be able to see the outline of objects in a smoke-filled room, track the presence of other firefighters and their oxygen tank levels without using any device.

Moreover, the company would like to add the feature of useful display information like weather, time, location etc. A sensor present in the lens will help to recognize the places or people they have met before. The display is micro but contains 14k pixels/inch, which is around 300 times more than our regular smartphone’s display. Small film-like batteries within the lenses will provide life to them, and this charge will remain for one whole day.

It is expected that around several years of waiting time is needed before these Augmented Reality Contact Lenses may assist you to navigate the Metaverse. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for those days.


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