Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Apple Watch sales break records as it exceeds 100m target!

The Apple Watch sales break records as it exceeds 100m target! And these statistics for sales are growing faster day by day. Rumour has it that sales will soon exceed 350 million!

So far in history, this has been the highest number of sales ever recorded for Apple watches. Apple is a major company coming up with innovative designs and latest tech gadgets each time. Its sales estimates has been given by the financial analyst service, Above Avalon. Above Avalon has been closely associated with Apple over the last several years.


When Apple launched its first smartwatch in 2015, its customer base started settling in. Over the years, as it introduced more gadgets, people have created a trust with Apple and its customer base has increased significantly since then. Now the company has around a base of 1.2 million people.

As Apple has also served to provide new and innovative features in the gadgets, people love their products. Also, the way they have introduced health monitoring features in their items, as they are capable of checking ECG, monitoring heart rate and BP and keeping track of sleep and breathing issues – their gadgets have therefore become popular among the masses.


More and more people want to own an Apple gadget because of these reasons. Its latest introduction, the Apple Fitness+ feature is well known and is aimed to pull across iPhone users in the bandwagon. fitness and health conscious people aim to use an Apple gadget and rely upon its results.

According to latest statistics, Fitbit has also made an equal number of sales over these years, but their number of gadgets in use right now is lesser. As compared to Apple products. Also, many iPhone users have also gained access to an Apple product side by side making use of multiple gadgets simultaneously. Therefore, as the Apple Watch sales break record, it was expected to. It has not come as a surprise for anyone.


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