AiraWear – World’s First Massage Wearable


Tware, a Singapore-based startup has come up with a remedy for your chronic back pain. The device is way advanced than the simple wearables or Smart clothes finding ways to improve your posture. The AiraWear by the company is a smart hoodie which rubs your back frequently so you may relax after hours of bad slouching or be sitting.

AiraWear - World's First Massage Wearable

AiraWear targets muscles & pain points to release tension from hours of sitting & slouching while helping to improve poor posture. All of this is done with the help of inflatable compressed air modules. The users can wear the hoodie in the form of a vest or can wear it under the jacket. With the help of six different inflatable modules, the wearable takes all your pain away.

6 Inflatable Pillows, Pressure Point Relaxers & Body Compression Modules eliminate stress, analyzes & alerts of bad posture to instill healthy habits. With the help of AiraWear, enjoy your personalized massage. Whether you’re lounging on the couch at home or working at the office, you can now enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.

AiraWear - World's First Massage Wearable
Position of Sensors in AiraWear hoodie

All the health and the posture data is sent to the connected Smartphone app. The AiraWear smartphone app has a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. The app allows the users to select the massage program of their choice based on intensity preference, duration and pain points. The wearable has a battery time of around 3 to 6 hours depending upon the usage.

Aira’s Posture Tracking Sensors analyze your posture throughout the day. The AiraWear app tracks your posture in real-time and shows your slouching angle. When poor posture is detected, the AiraWear automatically inflates providing lower back support and correcting your posture.

AiraWear - World's First Massage Wearable

What’s important about the hoodie is that even when you are wearing it is so slim that nobody would be able to detect it. The AiraWear is currently up on Kickstarter and is close to fulfilling its target with more than 30 days to go. The wearable can currently be grabbed for $149 through crowdfunding, while, the final retail price would be $249.


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