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Volt Athletics Launches First Intelligent Training App for Athletes

Volt Athletics Inc. is the global leader in technology solutions for sports performance training. Volt provides individually prescribed sport-specific training programs, built by certified strength coaches through cloud-based technology.We have time and again discussed the opportunities, the company provides the athletes to train with. This time around Volt has come up with a better platform for athletes.

Volt Athletics Launches First Intelligent Training App for Athletes

Volt Athletics announced the launch of the first intelligent fitness training app built specifically for athletes. For the past three years, Volt’s research-based strength training platform has been available exclusively to elite teams at top schools. With this much-anticipated announcement, athletes everywhere now have access to professionally built sport-specific training programs.

Volt stands out in the crowded Health and Fitness app landscape by using patent-pending technology to create and deliver highly prescriptive workouts designed to improve athletic performance. While most fitness apps focus on weight loss and activity tracking, Volt builds comprehensive year-long training plans based on each athlete’s needs, to help them reach their performance goals.

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Volt Athletics Launches First Intelligent Training App for Athletes

Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder, and CEO of Volt Athletics stated;

“Volt’s mission is to provide all athletes with affordable access to elite-level strength and conditioning. The best athletes train on a strategic plan; they don’t do random workouts. Volt’s intelligent training engine tells you exactly what to do in the weight room, how to do it, and when to do it. It’s not random—it’s the right workout for you, every time.”  

Powered by proprietary technology, Volt analyzes simple inputs from the athlete to build their optimal training program. Volt’s intelligent training algorithms adapt and grow with each athlete, prescribing unique, sport-specific workouts as part of a long-term approach to physical development.

Volt Athletics Launches First Intelligent Training App for Athletes
Individualized workouts are accessible via any device through the Volt iPhone app or mobile-friendly website and include specific instructions, sets, reps, and prescribed weights, as well as technique demonstrations. Additionally, Volt provides dynamic warm-ups, targeted injury prevention routines, and detailed metrics to track each athlete’s progress.
Athletes can choose from over 40 sports, including golf, tennis, running, and triathlon.

Volt offers a free 7-day trial via their website and a monthly subscription for $29/month. For more information about Volt or to register for your own free trial, visit here.


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