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Wearable Technologies should promote healtheir PE


A famous youth sports charity is pushing schools towards something very important. “The Youth Sport Trust” is a leading physical education and youth sport charity. It intends to work for the betterment and welfare of youth through sports and such physical activities via the field of education.

The charity has just recently pointed towards wearable technology and gamification in PE lessons. It points that schools should focus on such advanced techniques because the majority youth population is quite unfit and needs to be physically improved while tending towards such sports.

The charity raises its voice through the report “The Class of 2035” which was conducted by the “Future Foundation”. The Youth charity is warning that school sports and PE are very crucial topics and should remain on the priority while forming policies of educational institutes.

The foremost important thing which reports point out that nowadays, students are happily focusing on Smartphones and tablets while completely ignoring the dire need of physical strength. This point is quite interesting to ponder upon as we all know that the digital age is causing us a lot of trouble. We all know that we prefer “gadget sports” and social networking platforms to spend our leisure time instead of playing something healthy outside the house.  This raises an important issue for parents too who recklessly ignore their children age while handing them some popular or latest cell phone, just to fulfill their wish.

This is what exactly Joshua McBain, project director of the Future Foundation points out.

“Young people are so entwined in technology anyway that it almost seems counterintuitive to assume that their sporting life won’t be too. For the report, we looked at the extent in which the digital revolution will disempower young people in sport or empower them. There’s been so much talk about the negative impact that technology can have but we haven’t yet looked at the opportunity.”

She pointed towards the importance of gamified sports. These games combine the mainstream Smartphone games style along with some very hard running challenges. It can easily motivate young people towards healthy activities and can be used by PE teachers during lessons.

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The Youth Sport Trust also believes that technology can easily enable teachers and parents to effectively monitor and analyze the activity and fitness levels of children and young people. This data in return should be used by the concerned bodies and government to create more effective sporting policy.

Chief Executive of Youth trust Charity, Ali Oliver also points that healthy technology can create a healthy environment. Through the use of apps to monitor individual training and performance our fitness and wellbeing can easily be tracked and improved. This can also be translated to the classroom and playground.

Through Youth Sports’ Trust programs like Skills2Achieve teachers can plan, organize record and report progress in sports, physical activity and PE. Oliver also focuses that schools should embrace this approach to help develop and assess the progress of physical literacy of each individual, class and school.

Well, the initiative by Oliver’s team is of utmost importance as it is going to greatly impact youth. Let’s wish that such initiative enters the massive following stage so that all can benefit a lot.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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