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Nuvi- A Smart Sleeping Mask To Unleash Your Sleep Force


Nuvi is a smart sleeping mask designed to improve your sleep quality, creativity and adjust your jet lag!  Its development was based on extensive brainwave experimentation and research. It is a “smart” sleeping aid system made for the modern age – practical and highly efficient.

Nuvi is a smart sleeping mask embedded with a Bluetooth system. It integrates the slim speakers, lighting LED and an app to implement powerful sleep aid programs. Nuvi has 6 smart programs, they are Easy Sleep, Smart Deep Sleep Booster (inside Easy Sleep program), Smart Wake Up, Power Nap, Light Energizer and Jet Lag Adjust program. All of the programs are operated via mobile phone app.

Nuvi’s programs are designed in such a way that they help wearers to get the desired amount, quality, and quantity of sleep they want. The app is user friendly and is easy to use, so that the owners won’t find any problem. It bolsters the sleep and blocks the light so the wearers can have peace with the sleep.

Nuvi is a wearable that can help the people, especially athletes and elite athletes, make their own sleep patterns as they have flexible sleep timings. With the help of organic usage, your brain will slowly but surely be lead to peace after the strenuous day of work.

Nuvi is currently up and running on Kickstarter and has already fulfilled its intended goal. With 28 days to go you can order your wearable now for $45 on a massive discount as it will later be up for $89. The shipment is expected to reach January 2017.

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