Home Insights Temperature Monitoring buds Honor Earbuds 3 Pro To Be Launched Soon

Temperature Monitoring buds Honor Earbuds 3 Pro To Be Launched Soon


Temperature Monitoring buds Honor Earbuds 3 Pro to be launched soon. These are one-of-a-kind earbuds that have the capability of checking the user’s temperature from the ears.

Designed and being launched by Honor, these truly wireless earbuds are to be announced at MWC 2022 alongside their new Magic 4 smartphone. Recently, they have shared a promo poster showing their upcoming new earbuds. These earbuds are to be the first-ever earbuds that will provide the capability of checking the user’s temperature.

Till now, not much detail has been shared regarding the technology they will be using to check the temperature. As a safe estimate, they will be employing light-based optical sensor technology to do so. Already, thermometers do exist in the market that can check temperature through the ears of a human being. Now how Honor will facilitate this same feature in the earbuds, is worth noticing.

Currently, there are earbuds from Jabra and Amazfit that offer heart rate monitoring features from the ears. Fitbit offers skin temperature sensors on Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches. On the other hand, wearables like smart rings by Oura and Whoop 4.0 can allow the user to keep a check on the hotness or coldness of the skin with the help of optical sensors.

As far as appearance is concerned, these Temperature Monitoring buds Honor Earbuds 3 Pro will resemble the previous model of Honor buds. They will support active noise cancellation features as well as transparency mode. There’s no doubt the quality of sound they will provide will be high-quality and just awesome.

There have been no reports about the price of the item as it enters the market, but since Honor Earbuds 2 came for only a mere $50 starting price, it is much expected that these ones will only be a little higher than that. All such details and also features of these upcoming earbuds will be announced in a few days at the Honor’s MWC 2022 event.


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