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Forget all your Posture worries with one-of-a-kind POZE wearable!


Poze is the most user-friendly and affordable way to improve your posture. It is a wearable device that has no app, no charging and no diagrams which means that the only job this wearable is doing is to protect you from incorrect posture.

With the help of certified technology, Poze calculates the angle of your back’s posture. If you slouch for 1 minute, Poze silently buzzes reminding you to straighten back up. In 3 weeks your muscles will feel normal when sitting or standing tall.  Additionally, a well-balanced power consumption enables the battery to last for up to a year, so you can forget charging too.

Poze has only one button. When the device is on, Poze records your posture and creates a reference point. Sensor technology calculates the angle of your position, so if you slouch 15 degrees or more, Poze will send a silent buzz after 1 minute, reminding you to straighten back up.

Attach Poze with a self adhesive hypo-allergenic strip (included with device) near your collar bone or on your clothes and straighten up. That’s it!

Users have the liberty to choose the time span they want, and go ahead with the training whenever they want. Initially, they could start from 20 minutes and move on to hours and hours, later. There are many posture wearables but Poze ensures that the users get the best of all in a single package. No hassle, no weight, and nothing extra that could irritate you! Without any charging and app worries, this is the best wearable you can ever expect of getting. So, forget your posture worries with Poze and pose perfect forever.

Poze has become of the most successful Indiegogo campaign of all time by crossing its expected limit with 245% and has raised $19,594 USD from the flexible goal of $8,000. With 25 days left, it is currently up and running and you can order your piece now. The shipment is expected to dispatch by December.

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