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Nike Continues Its Tech Legacy With Rio 2016

Nike is the active part of the Olympics and has begun unveiling its gear for Rio 2016. The event is just a month and a half away from us and we already know that Nike has contributed a lot. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team along with USA track and field athletes will be opting for Nike’s latest gear technology throughout the season.

Nike Continues Its Tech Legacy With Rio 2016

The USWNT will wear a brand new kit hoping to get their fourth consecutive Olympic Gold Medal. Confidence all the way! Nike has worked hard to make the gear up to the mark and as per the rule and regulations of the Olympics. The new kits have been made from the high-end yarn. This high-quality yarn has become Nike’s signature material for AeroSwift technology. There are delicate vertical stripes under the armpits running through the shorts. The stripes will expand when the wearer starts the movement, thus letting them run easily by increasing ventilation.

Similarly, the Women’s team will also have the option to choose from the range of different lighter and softer cleats, one again made by Nike. The cleats will easily help the athletes run through the ground with a strong hold on their ball. The Women’s Spark Brilliance Pack lets each player choose any of Nike’s new cleats.

Nike Continues Its Tech Legacy With Rio 2016

Nike introduced three different new tech-based products just a few days ago. Those who are not even sponsored by Nike will also have an opportunity to wear the new AeroBlade tech. The tech is specially designed to help reduce wind resistance. Athletes will attach the tiny 3-D printed silicon-based spikes using adhesive tape to their arms or legs, which will help prevent drag.

What’s more is that athlete will also wear sunglasses for outdoor events. The company has also announced aerodynamic and lightweight performance glasses. The  Wing line glasses will have a solo piece of glass without any hinges. The glasses will prevent wind resistance and will only allow red light to pass through.

Nike Continues Its Tech Legacy With Rio 2016

The third product by Nike approved by International Olympic Committee is new AeroSwift Bibs. They are stuck directly to a wearer’s uniform by adhesive. The breathable bibs can withstand even the most extreme conditions without falling off.

Nike also launched their Team USA medal-stand uniforms. NikeLabs designed the USA Dynamic Reveal apparel that will be worn every time a U.S. Olympian takes the podium in Rio. The global sportswear power has been the official partner of the U.S. Olympic Committee since 2005, and that will continue through at least Tokyo 2020.

Nike has introduced a lot for the new Rio Olympics 2016. The products are not only for the betterment of the athletes but will help them with stand any tough and harsh conditions. Let’s see how Rio 2016 goes for the USA with the latest Nike tech.

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