Notch Sensors Tracks Your Movements In 3D


Notch Interfaces’ CEO Stepan Boltalin, announced his plans for the startup company to launch a product, this April. Now finally, just a week before Notch has finally launched their new, first product.

Notch Sensors Tracks Your Movements In 3D

Notch has launched a wearable sensor network which will allow the users to track and analyze their movements perfectly just from their Smartphone screen, with the help of few taps. Notch’s new wearable product is basically a range of different wireless sensors which will be attached to different parts of the body of the users. Straps will be used in order to secure them into place.

As soon as the wearer will start moving, the sensors will begin tracking different biomechanics if the users instantly. The biomechanics present will work with when paired with sensors’ accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses.

After collecting all the movement data instantly, Notch sensors will send them to a connected Smartphone app. The app will build a complete 3D graphic design of the wearer’s movements. The movements will be map out in the phone instantly and you will be able to see how well you are faring. Notch sensors can be used by the physical therapist to check the progress of their patients. Doctors can use it to see how fine their injured patients can walk and how much more help they need etc.

Notch Sensors Tracks Your Movements In 3D

However, the usage of Notch is not restricted to medical professionals and the hospitals only. Any activity that requires some sort of movement will be mapped out in front of you with all the details regarding the user’s motion. This means that this sensor is best suited for athletes and sports player to see what their posture and angle is while they are practicing or playing. This will change the player’s game in a drastic way. They can evaluate any range of motion, and get all angles of movement from the dummy-like model of their client. The users can also rewind their workouts or movements and fast-forward to look at any particular aspect of the movement.

Notch will bring you, your complete 3D model you want. The sensors are also waterproof so the users can take them into swimming pools and out during the rains. Notch seems like a promising range of sensors.

It compares the critical movements of the wearers along with their best or ideal one. However, it lacks the efficiency of biometric programs and tools available in other sensors and wearables present today.

The Notch can change the world of fitness, physical therapy and athletic if it works out some of the basics and essentials of the movement and biometric tracking.