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LEOMO’s obsession with motion – Type R

Athletes and their coaches are on a constant look out for newer and better ways to measure their performance to either enhance their endurance or to prevent injuries. For any sports person, endurance, power and technique are the keys to reach their maximum potential but there is one challenge. They need to measure it first. Previously it was not that easy. Athletes could only measure their performance in labs attached to various machines and that didn’t do a good job in reflecting their real time performance.

Wearable technology has opened a new chapter in motion analysis.  LEOMO is one such company that has dedicated its mission towards developing strategies that can monitor athletes’ performance in real time.

Type R is one such brilliant creation. It is a comprehensive unit consisting of a handle mounted or wrist mounted display screen along with 5 sensors placed on your back and lower body so that they can monitor your motor efficiency. What sets it apart from other fitness and sports wearables is that it doesn’t just limit itself to monitoring heart rate or calories burnt. It goes a step further to give a real time analysis of an athlete’s performance which can be represented in graphical form and saved for future explorations.

LEOMO’s Type R consists of 5 light weight, rechargeable Bluetooth sensors that gives a detailed data regarding the athlete’s performance. The sensors are worn on your shoes, above each knee and behinds the sacrum on your lower back. Each specialize in recording specific angles like pelvic tilt and leg angular range, to give an objective, analytical recording of the performance. Once connected to the Wi-Fi, the data can viewed on a web based app. It can serve as a statistical tool to record your performance, see changing trends and minimize the risk of injury.


Type R has a 6 hours plus battery life that makes it suitable for extended use.

LEOMO has also paired up with different sports medicine and biomedical engineering researchers to find and compare riders’ form and position that produces the most efficient movement by studying their glycogen usage throughout different movements, duration and intensity.

Currently, Type R is mainly focused towards cyclists, triathletes and their coaches but according to company’s CEO Kunihiko Kaji, “Optimal motion is important for just about any sport, so we see broad applications of this technology in the future… We have also set our sights firmly on running and swimming in the near future.”

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