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RealWear HMT 1 – A fully rugged hands-free head mounted tablet

There is an immense pressure on the high industry to be more efficient and productive. To maximize on the workers proficiency and give accurate results the first time around while keeping it all safe. Enterprise mobile computing and wearable technology has been the need of the moments. Several organizations have tried developing products that can give a virtually immersive experience in an industrial setup but have failed to do so due to many functionality related shortcomings.

In January this year, RealWear, a Silicon Valley based company, launched a “hand free” industrial head mounted android tablet, HMT1. It is designed for engineers and technicians who work on field, manufacturing, maintenance departments or require remote mentoring.

RealWear’s HMT1 seems to be just the thing everyone was waiting for. It combines the attributes of enterprise tablets and wearable smart glasses. HMT1’s completely ‘hands free” audiovisual interface allows field workers and technicians to operate tools and machinery with simple voice commands without even having to physically touch any device. It is the perfect solution for people who have to operate heavy machinery in critical working environments.

HMT1 is a rugged and sturdy product with 854×480 pixels display which appears as a 7 inch tablet in front of you which is also visible in bright light. There are 4 digital microphones with noise cancellation and a speech recognition that works perfectly fine in loud industrial areas. The software is supported by Android 6.0 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and mobile tethering options.

HMT1’s operator friendly design makes sure that your vision is not occluded by the display screen being in the direct line of vision.  It comes with an adjustable boom arm that can accommodate any head size. It can also be flipped the other way when not in use. The entire unit is comfortable enough to be worn in a regular 8 hour shift which has been made possible because of its 3250mAH battery. It can also be clipped on to hard hats along with safety goggles. It is also compatible with eyeglasses wearers. The best thing about RealWear’s HTM1 is that it’s easily trackable because of its GPS, gyroscopes and digital compass for positioning. The whole unit with its dust proof and water proof model, is perfectly safe to be used in explosive environments.

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