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KYMIRA – Clinically proven to enhance performance

KYMIRA was founded in 2013 which is a science based sportswear company. By combining performance design and cutting edge responsive textiles, they have created the next evolution in sportswear. KYMIRA bring science to each sport, for weekend warriors and elite athletes.

They are basically developing the smart clothing of tomorrow for a safer, cleaner and healthier planet. KYMIRA fabrics have been clinically proven to increase circulation, increase tissue oxygen levels, increase energy production, aid recovery and aid pain relief. These advantages are because of the fabric used by KYMIRA  to harness your wasted energy and convert it into infrared radiation.

How KYMIRA Works:

The human body wastes 60% of the energy we consume. KYMIRA’s fabric convert this energy along with latent energy from the  surroundings into infrared. Infrared penetrates deep into muscle tissue causing changes at a cellular level and vasodillation of the blood vessels, delivering more oxygen to the muscles. The energy is also used to make our fabrics quick drying and thermo-regulatory.

Moreover, KYMIRA is clinically proven with nine published clinical studies on our technology to date, they are constantly working with third party research institutes to test what it can do. KYMIRA  is a technology that will never fail because the technology in their fabrics is built into the textiles themselves which means they will never wash out and will continue to perform at 100% for the life of the garment. The technology in fabrics also make them perform at a high level whatever the condition is. They are designed to keep you at the optimum temperature as required by your body. Their quick drying qualities keep you cool in hotter conditions and their thermo-retention keeps you warm in colder climates.

Human power is an untapped resource but their products harness and recycle your energy that would otherwise go to waste, making them powered by you. KYMIRA’s fabric is made using a secret recipe which has thirteen minerals which are embedded within their textiles and are specifically selected to certain shapes to fine tune the emission spectrum of their products, maximizing their efficacy.

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