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How wearable technology is transforming sports

Recently we have talked a lot about the latest wearable product offerings by startups and campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. While it is important to share the latest innovation in wearable technology for sports, let’s not forget that we have companies like STATSports and Catapult Sports that already have world class products out in market. Various international and renounced teams across the world are using wearable technology to improve fitness and reduce the risk of injury. We are sharing with our readers two recent videos that demonstrate how wearable is already changing the way the coach, clubs and teams manage their player fitness.

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The first video is how Notre Dame is banking on wearable technology to produce the best atheletes in the US:

The following video talks about how Republic of Ireland train for UEFA Euro 2016 with the help of wearable device.

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