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Qualcomm Smart Leggings Will Help In Football, Golf And So On..

Qualcomm Smart Leggings Will Help In Football, Golf And So On..

Qualcomm, a big name in Smartphone and technology world is ready to do some fun with the wearable sector. The company, as of late, has been demonstrating a prototype relevant to Smartclothing. The purpose of the display is that how company’s new Snapdragon Wear processor could be used in different wearable devices.

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The Smart leggings by Qualcomm were first introduced in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. The event was scheduled in Barcelona and unveiled some of the dazzling tech from around the world. The leggings in the discussion are built with five sensors strategically positioned at the ankle, knee and base of the spine of the clothing.

The purpose of the new Smart clothing is relevant to the football world. The football players’ data will be recorded and will be sent to a Smartphone with the help of Bluetooth. The instant data will help coaches and players to track the posture and positioning at the pitch while playing. The data from the various players can be collected at a same time. The real-time provision of mass data will help make better decisions relevant to the health and the other details of the players. The garments will be washable and will also be able to monitor other vital biometric data like heart rate and respiration.

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In order to manufacture the product, Qualcomm has partnered with smart clothing manufacturer AiQ. The chip operating the legging will be the company’s recent wearable contribution, LTE-enabled Snapdragon Wear 2100 wearable processor. The Smart leggings are not Football exclusive only but can also be made part of other sports. The wearable can also be used in golf and has been demoed as part of a smart golf clothing prototype as well.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 wearable processor was just unveiled a few times ago and is better than company’s any other wearable processor. The chip will be coming in many other wearables very soon. Qualcomm’s introduction to the wearable world with the new chip and a fresh idea is good. The implementation of the geniuses of the chip in wearable other than Smartwatch is impressive, too

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