Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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Garmin Introduces Much Awaited Connected GPS Feature in Vivosmart 4

Garmin has introduced connected GPS in Vivosmart 4 in the latest software update. These smart wrist bands will more accurately track and monitor outdoor activates with the addition of this new feature.

It has been quite some time since FitBit introduced this technology on its products. Basically, connected GPS lets your fitness tracker connect itself to the GPS signals of your smartphone. Although it is not exactly as appropriate as incorporating a GPS sensor built into your tracker but it does its job quite well. Surely, anyone would prefer this over having no GPS at all. Thanks to this feature, all your outdoor activates are mapped out for you to see.

Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 is a very useful fitness tracker overall, considering you do not have a problem dealing with a small display size. Any casual user would find it very useful to track your activities through the day. Garmin, as a brand, is known for its smart fitness trackers and wearable smart watches and one thing that has made Garmin known in this industry is the accuracy of the information you get through its devices and on top of that, accompanying smartphone application and a dashboard on website work out well in laying out all your activity data and information for you.

Everyone in general and women in particular have found this tracker to be very useful thanks to a compact design and small size. Body Battery and Oxygen saturation work really well and add a lot of versatility in your daily exercises.

May be the only big feature missing in this tracker was the location tracking and since this issue has been addressed by the addition of Connected GPS in Vivosmart 4, chances are it will be one of the front runners in the market of smart wrist bands. To make use of this feature, you have to turn on Location in App Permissions for Garmin Connect.

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