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Are you interested in Beach Volleyball smartwatch?

With the increasingly fast pace of the tech world we are able to have devices that can support and help us in any area of work.   When we think about the mainstream smartwatches- Apple and Samsung’s products, all we get is the top notch style along with handful of features for the elites and potential buyers of such hefty price-tagged smartwatches.

Among some other smartwatch enthusiasts, Swatch is one of the brands which are keenly interested in making some of the very different watches. For the first time, Swatch has uncovered a professional and intelligible timepiece for beach volleyball.

This watch is an updated edition of the Swatch Watch which was first released in 2011. It is not a conventional smartwatch with tons of apps. It is kind of a fitness tracker that is fitted into a watch.


The new watch can record the steps taken during the play, can show the calories burned and total distance travelled. Typical to the beach volleyball use, this watch can log the power of your smashes.

The upcoming watch will be water-resistant and will have a Swatch battery life. It means that the watch can work up to months or years.

The watch will have a pre-installed application that will help in providing you with the details of all the statistics you have logged. The app will also help you with some advices and tips too.

Swatch team had released a demo video telling us little about the forthcoming smartwatch. The geeky smartwatch will be coming in three models. The models will be distinguished on the basis of how hard you want to perform. No pricing and launch details are yet revealed.

Swatch’s watch is not going to be the desired high-end, smart tech and lovely looking smartwatch. But this watch will be beneficial for those who are freaky about beach volleyball.

Although the news regarding the release of the watch was announced long ago the new watch remains to see the light of the day. Various rumors and speculations suggest that the watch will be uncovered very soon. Let’s take this news with the grin of salt and wait patiently.

So if you are planning to buy smartwatch any time soon and are beach volleyball geek, than wait for a bit for this exciting addition to the smartwatch industry!

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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