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Skateboarders your wish has been granted!

For all those fans of subway surfer your dream finally came true… presenting the all new one-wheeled HOVER BOARD! So grab your wallets and get your own skateboard. Although according you might have to hold on to your patience as its still developing project but it’s going to be worth it after all it’s a hover board!!

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

The genius behind this invention is Robert Bigler. The manufacturing was done by California based startup of Hoverboard Technologies. The hover board looks a bit like skateboard but has a single rubber wheel in the middle of the board. It has speed of 16/mph. It allows a ride of around ten to twelve miles on a single charge and charges in just 16 minutes.

The reason of it being called a hover board is that it gives a floating feeling as you balance yourself on one wheel, so the board is in air hovering….

Now we move on to the cool looks it has led lights on the sides and on the wheel giving an epic look. It has a built in Bluetooth speaker and led readouts giving you a heads up on any pertinent alert. The best thing of all is that it just weighs 25 pounds and is easily portable.

Well for all those great things everything has to have the negatives too. Bigler said himself:

“Mastering the hover board is getting to the point where it becomes completely natural,” though he admits getting to this point could range from “weeks to a lifetime to truly master.”

Source: Techcrunch

The biggest disadvantage is the fact that Bigler would really like to value his invention by asking $4000 for a starting price, it hits Kickstarter on September 17 for fundraising of the project. However if the campaign fails he said that he would just end up making a few hover boards for friends and family so we better make sure that doesn’t t happen or we will be looking around like a lost puppy.

 If we do get lucky hover board will be available on:

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