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Are you satisfied with Motorola Moto 360’s design flaw?

Motorola launched Moto 360 smartwatch range some days back. For those people, like me, who are always interested in looking for something stylish and comfy in the wearable industry feels disappointed after the launch!

To the dismay and frustration of many fans, this time again Motorola left the perfect round watch face with incomplete inner screen. Why bother making watch a complete round and leaving screen a bit ugly?

Well! To Motorola this round was called a “shelf”. What a pathetic name! Sure, the name means nothing because this style means nothing!

Some users, who managed to buy this watch and were disappointed by the appearance called it a “flat tire” (sound a little bit assuring, right?). To all who don’t know, this flat-tired appearance was also the part of first Moto Watch and now again it is in the second-generation smartwatch.

Source: Venture Beat

VentureBeat, a leading online site, asked the Motorola executive of consumer design Jim Wicks about this continual to the dismal design. But according to him the yet-again inclusion of the flat design was “the right decision.”

Yeah, right decision! Why would I discourage my product? Thinks Wicks…

Wicks also said that the “shelf” is really important in hiding some sensors that are proximity sensors and some other etc. It is for keeping the design pure and simple.  He mentioned that in some other watches you can see that the metal is coming out or the shape is rectangular, these are meant to hide the watch’s inner features.

I think that the answer from Wicks, at the first place, is quite unsatisfactory. To say, that the shelf design once again in the reputed line-up of the smartwatch is to hide the inner feature, shows the incapability of the company’s technique in designs. And, later pointing to the shapes of other watches and saying that they are also meant to hide the features etc is quite blaming. Even if his claim is right, you cannot be white collar while pointing to others. Moreover, LG’s G Watch is also round but does not carry this flaw so the reply becomes pretty pointless.

Motorola aims to eliminate this design soon. Apart from this design flaw, rest of the watch is quite satisfactory and is also ranked among the best watches so far!

If you can overlook the famous signal issue with Apple Iphone 4, there probably is no harm in buying the watch if you are ready to overlook this flaw.

Tell us in the comment section your opinion about the “shelf”.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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