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Livall Cycling Helmets- Action, Fun, and Safety Packed All-in-One

Smart Cycling Helmet includes a built in Heart Rate Monitor,SOS Alert, Walkie-Talkie, Turning Signal


Livall doesn’t need an introduction. Changing the cycling and protection game for long, it has become an important name for all the athletes and cyclists. And, it is now back with new smart cycling helmets. Bringing the Bling line back with the BH60 and BH100, the new mountain and road helmets have high-end tech packed along with many other technologies.

Livall’s new helmets feature speakers, camera, signals, a mic, and a heart rate monitor to make them the most wanted helmets in the cycling industry.

Livall’s new mountain and road helmets, BH81H and the MT1, have to the point functions needed in a rugged area. The top shell is black and the helmet is lights along the back to provide with the sense of direction. But, it is important to note that the mentioned version of the helmet is restricted to children only.

Coming to the adult version of the helmets, the Bling, is a little too heavy for the heavy riders with 453 grams. There are LEDs topped across the exterior which may be extra adorning, too. There are buttons on the helmet, which act as the control for both music and speakers. There is also a remote control which powers the phone calls and a walkie-talkie which may be used during the time of need or when a biker is lost in some difficult terrain.

With all that features, the battery is expected to run for about three to six hours; you can charge it through Micro USB port. Livall has already succeeded in fulfilling its goal on double scale via Indiegogo, but you can still back mountain bike helmet for $119, and road helmet for $109. The helmets are expected to ship in November.

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